How to ask this guy that I want to hang out with him again? I need advice please?

I've been talking to this guy for about a month now and we've hung out four times so far, including this past Friday the 19th. I know we both like each other and we've kissed (nothing more) but he's not much of a texter. We don't like text each other everyday or anything like that, occasionally etc,. (I would like thoughts on this). So we hung out this past Friday and had an awesome time! Lots of fun! I haven't talked to him since (well after we hung out, he said he had a great time etc..) So now its Monday and I'm leaving to Florida this upcoming Sunday the 28th for 3 weeks and I really want to hang out again before! But how do i mention it? I want to invite him somewhere and do something different preferably Wednesday (you dont think thats too soon right?). I need advice please on how to bring it up or what to do!


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  • No need to be fancy about it and just say it like it is


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