Has he lost interest? A guy I've been talking too has all of a sudden started texting less than normal and I haven't seen him in 10 days, what's up?

I meet this guy through a mutual friend and we've been hanging out for about 2 months. We talk everyday and the initiation is about 50/50. We've gone on dates and hangout just the 2 of us and with our friends. I saw him 10 days ago but haven't since, partial to due with the fact that he had the flu but he also went to work. I feel like all of a sudden he started texting less and has made less effort to spend time with me, although he will apologize when he did something else instead of hanging out with me. He is leaving in a week for a 3 week trip to visit family. I am just confused on what happened and what could possibly be going through his mind.


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  • Probably the initial interest has run out and nothing else is forming so he is starting to distance himself as he moves on.


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