Why my friends get all the guys and I dont?

usually when i am with a friend a guy approaches us and talk to us then he ask us our names and we exchange phone number but they only text my friends. Also some guys show interest in me but they are aso interested in my friend. I have lots of guy friends but not many guys tell me or show me interest I dont know why maybe because I dont get it somtimes when they flirt and when I get it they dont show interest anymore especially when I start showing interest but my friends usually get lots of guys.


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  • Maybe you don't present yourself as being confident, but your friends do. Hold your head high, make direct eye contact and smile, you'll snag him because of the attention you're giving him!


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  • You could ask them what they do and observe them. How their attitude and body language changes and how they are flirting. YouTube helps he he
    It could be you body language mabey. If all fails be the life of the party. I think guys like a fun girl.

    • yes maybe you are right.