What would you do if your significant other hung out with the opposite sex all the time?

My boyfriends at college. He is constantly going to girls houses all the time. and he thinks that I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. what do you think?


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  • If he knows you're the girl he wants, why would he be poking his noses everywhere? It can only mean he doesn't know what kind of girl he wants. Well, who wants to date a guy who can't figure out what kind of girl he wants?

    This is related to the question, "What kind of guy do YOU want?" Use this experience to help you arrive at a clear answer to this question. e.g. I want a guy who knows what kind of girl he wants, and I am that kind. I want a guy who is _____, ____,____... Accept no compromise either; compromising only means you're compromising your, and eventually your partner's, happiness.


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  • My best friend is a girl, in fact most of my best friends in the last decade have been girls. And it sucks to no end that my wife is still leery of it. Truth is that most men can cheat if they want to. You're just getting upset because he's in a place where the opportunity could arise. You have to decide for yourself if you trust him or not.

    You should ask to come along once in a while. Not every time, because that sucks too. But these girls should know who you are.

  • how much is constantly ? Told him you didn't like it ?

    I mean. Sure I guy has to have some girl-friends too. Doesn't mean he has to visit them all the time. If it was my girl and she was a some other guys houses all the time and I told her I didn't like it. Well I would have split and left her.

    Not saying its what you should do since it can be totaly inocent "visits". But still kinda weird if he does it alot.


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