Gags, those who have been on online dating and are hetrosexual, how has it been treating you?

After a number of not so perfect connections and relationships, that I have experienced firsthand with online dating, I am wondering. I have heard some success stories, and that people do find their true love and match online. Fair enough we all get busy, and online dating could provide with some additional options when looking for SO. My experience so far has been unpleasant to put it politely. I managed to attract either desperate older guys who are willing to marry in a heartbeat for that they are not lonely any longer and have someone in their life, those who are frankly looking for hook-ups and casual flings, or those who either don't know what they want and pretend to look for the same what you are so that they can get at least something from you if they are attracted enough to you.
I have recently removed my details from the site that i was on, due to the above experiences and lack of time for online things now. However, before I decided to do so I was matched with a guy who sounded like potential someone I was hoping to meet one day. We went out once, and going out again.

Sounds like he has had touch luck with online dating as well. I didn't want to tell him about my shit experiences, as i though it would be non-attractive on a first date, so i basically kept it to myself. He, on opposite, told me about his experience without going into too much details but enough to make me questions his respect for women... i am hoping to figure this one out soon enough, so no one wastes time and no one gets hurt.

I SINCERELY, apologise for not appealing to the gay community!!! As much as I like gay guys and girls and have friends who are gay, I think there is a huge difference between relationship of a heterosexual couple and a gay couple.

What has your experience been like?


  • I have met my partner online. We have been happy together for over a year
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  • I have met my ex partner/gf or boyfriend online, but it didn't last long - various reasons
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  • I got burnt badly by misrepresentation and perhaps my own high expectations
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  • I thoroughly enjoyed having casual or multiple relationships with girls/boys who suspected nothing
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  • I was lucky to meet likeminded girls/guys who were open to casual - non-committed type of relationship as I am
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  • I believe in meeting a potential life partner online, however, this would take more testing to establish who sincere they are with their intentions
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  • I do it just for the sake of socialising, and if i happen to get something more out of it (friends, sex, new interest, learn new things or just to kill time doing whatever)
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  • There should be an option for people like me--who sign up, talk to a few people, and then never log-in again... bahaha.

    • haha thanks for your comment!

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  • Online dating is a hit-and-miss for me. It's too virtual, idealistic and ego-massaging.

  • Only dated online only once. It was good.
    I was able to find someone who I never would have come across in analogue space, who was nearby and had a hell of a lot of interests in common. We got to know eachother well, quite quickly, and such before we ever met. And when we met we worked well for almost a year.
    Then of course there is the classic problem which caused that relationship to end, and I know has reared it's head to friends who have dated online. A lot of the people who do it are really broken. I wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't been pretty broken at the time (2 years of depression after the end of a decade long abusive relationship). And she was broken in a way which sabotagued the relationship... and that seems to be a running theme with online dating.
    People who are desperate because they convince themselves that anyone they like is automatically an abusive ass, or people who can't commit because they are frightened of getting hurt again. These people seem to make up the majority of people who try to date online. (That and the creeps and the jerks looking for an ego boost)

    doesn't mean you shouldn't try though.

    • hey thank you for your honest story. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I have given up on online dating now coz i met my amazingly awesome new boyfriend online and we are taking our chances with this. he has also quit the online thing and we are working it out... there are a few challenges that we are both aware, but we are giving it a go

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