Girls, should I shave my head? What do you think of guys who completely shave all their hair off bald?

Im a 19 year old who came up in a military family so we've always had short cuts, many even shave their hair to the skin. And personally I've always had a very crappy hybrid hair of wavy and curly at the end, and trust me it isn't some 'oh it's only in your eyes it's bad' deal it really does look awkward and bad even at a couple inches. And I've shabed my head in the past and while I am paler I do pull it off pretty decent. I'm just wondering if girls view this as a strike against a man in terms of looks, and if it will limit my options dating wise if I choose no hair.

  • I don't see a shaved bald head a bad thing if the headshape is okay, I could fall for a bald guy
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  • It's not something I seek out but bald guys can be very attractive too, I could date one hair doesn't make or break a guys attractiveness to me
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  • I wouldn't give a guy with no hair a second glance, it's a turnoff personally
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  • To me it's a huge turnoff, hair is the way to go, most girls don't like bald guys
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Some people thought I meant like a buzzcut, I mean shaved as in skin-bald no hair at all


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  • I grew up military as well, and often lived on base. I have seen a lot of guys with shaved heads, completely bald or buzz cuts. I don't mind, it's the guys choice (sometimes not though, if he has an illness) and that doesn't effect my decision in dating him.

    People do have personal preferences though. I hope you find a girl that doesn't mind. I personally don't and there are a lot of attractive guys with extremely short hair or shaved/bald.

    • Thank you for MHO!

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  • (smiling)
    I date men with hair + men who purposely razor it bald.

    Look good for YOU dude, not us random girls.
    Peace xo

    • Can I ask a question? Part of the reason I asked this was I have a friend with alopecia, he has no hair on his head and pulls it off really well, and before when I shaved I figured it was just another style to girls, but he told me wonen dislike it and that's why I figured I'd ask here about if I should return to the chromdome. So my question is this to you, you said on purposes skin head bald is fine, what if you found out the guy couldn't regrow it due to a condition like that? I'm curious why it's not a problem for me and is for him when he pulls it off better

    • I am either immediately physically attracted to a man or I am not irrespective of medical conditions or hair choices, or clothing etc.

      I personally have 21 piercings, all are non genital or facial.
      99.9 percent of the men I date HATE them and constantly ask me to take them out.
      Guess what dude, they are ALL staying in... end of discussion.
      I tell my dates to "find a girl without piercings" if they don't like it. :P

  • It worked for Walter White..

  • If a man's hair is receding, and he feels more comfortable with it shaved short/buzz cut then I am fine with it. I would prefer that it is not totally bald as that is too "Mr. Clean" for me.

    If you still have all your hair, then I don't see why you would shave it bald. I mean a lot of guys with receding hair lines would be jealous, I think. If you want a buzz cut though I think those can look good.

    • So which did you vote? Because by shabed I mean mr clean bald

    • And also even if it's against preferance would shaved completely bald be a dealbreaker to you? Be honest I'll survive either way

  • I prefer hair, but I would not turn down someone who shaved his head. My man has quite the receding hairline, and it is not a turn off at all. I do like running my fingers through what he does have, though. So, I definitely prefer some hair.

    • If a guy does shave off all the hair to the skin, while I know it isn't your preferance, say he could still be attractive overall then?

    • Of course.

  • Oh man, you are blessed with curls! I never likes buzz cuts at all. I would say at least TRY to really grow it out longer and see if you like it. I always thought it looked super attractive for a guy to have grown out curly hair. But maybe you look better buzzed, I don't know.

    • Buzzed looks awkward with my hair, it like sags in the middle, and as I said military family. We view long hair as juviniel and impractical. (And I look like a wannabe surfer who fails the look)

    • When I say shave I mean skinhead bald like pitbull by the way not buzzed, that's a big difference

    • Ah, i see...

  • i would not reccomend it.

    • Care to give details on why? Haha be open about it I can take it