Why is he doing this! Its driving me crazy?

OK!! So I have a friend that I like and we used to like hang out and stuff and one time he tried hooking up with me but I kind of blocked it because I didn't want to ruin the relationship however since then he has been distance... and overall we don't even talk as much he says things in passing how he's not ready to date for another couple of months but after that he will be fast forward now he always making plans saying he wants to hang out with me this day but then he cancels them. I just don't get it! but I really like him is their hope?


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  • He liked you before so yeah there is


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  • Sounds like he is playing games. Just talk to him and tell him how you feel. That way everything is clear and on the table.

  • Well did he know why you blocked it?

    • he doesn't know! :(

    • tell him and explain and if he dont wanna talk to you after that then girl you have to move on!