Has anyone heard of this guy bashing book called undatable?

I haven't read the book, but 2 women made this book claiming that they are trying to help not bash. I guess its only okay for women to not accept a man's imperfections and never vice versa. The book was a whopping 311 different things that makes a guy undatable. 311? That's a lot of things which means that a lot of women's expectations of guys are through the roof. There's a review of the book on Amazon (link will be posted) and from what some of the reviewers said about the book and some of the "no-no's" this book covers. According to the book a guy is undatable
if he
Wears briefs
liking animals
wearing speedos
taking your shirt off at the beach
playing video games
not having any close friends using the term "make love"
Not swearing
being a cat person
Having a good orbad relationship with your mother
having "badmusic" on your ipod.
Thoughts? Here's the link


lol guess people done want to take this question on! lol.


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  • I've never read the book, but if it says what you say it says, I think it's stupid.

    In terms of the list you gave, I don't see any of those as deal breakers, and in fact, some of them would be positives for me (like liking animals, playing video games, taking your shirt off at the beach, and being a cat person).

    Some might not be my preference, like wearing briefs or speedos, but they're not a dealbreaker.

    Not having any close friends might be a yellow flag, but it would depend on why.

    It's okay to have standards. Some people have standards that I think are way too high, specific, silly, or unrealistic. No list of standards will ever be true of all women, and unless they're very vague, they probably won't even be true of most women.


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  • That's ridiculous and definitely does not represent the whole female population's thoughts.

    • It's impossible to represent the whole of any single group's thoughts because reality is subjective

      It's very easy to point out statistics and stereotypes, and it's very common that most women don't know what they want.

  • Briefs are awesome , animals are adorable, who gives a shit if he plays video games , I'm a loner too so fuck it we can be loner together, "bad music?" that's their own opinion, I cuss like a sailor myself , not a cat person but that would be weird not to date someone because they did. I guess I'm undatable. This is a Mean Girls "burn book" that's been published.


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  • I think the book was meant at least partially as satire. And to sell books to gullible women - and needy men.

    • Of course it's satire for god's sake. Some of the things contradict some of the other things. It's asking for the impossible. That's the damn joke

    • spot on Max

    • Yeah I hadn't actually read the list. So I guess it is just satire. That's not funny. Like "Everyone Loves Raymond". Wonder how well it's selling.

  • If you believe in that book then you're probably undateable