Should I be concerned?

My long time friend and I started dating 6 months ago. Things have been casual, but really great.

Three weeks ago we had an amazing weekend together with friends. Then, I had a vacation planned, and he then had a business trip. He's had a lot of stess at work, and has been pretty down. But he hasn't initiated contact with me since right before I left on my vacation. We usually talk at least once per day. I was invited on his best friend's birthday weekend a while back.. and I'm not sure what to do. I text him a few days ago asking if I should still plan on it, and he said "yeah, of course" nothing more.

Should I leave it alone and assume stress? I definitely don't want to cause him any more by harassing him about it. I just feel like it's different.


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  • Well, it's good you understand him, and yes give him some time. Maybe he's stressed or it could be some other important reason, let him take care of that himself, if he wants to contact keep yourself open to that.

  • Just leave it alone


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