Do warning bells go off in your brain when someone you meet online and are thinking of dating refuses to give you any regular pictures?

Just to know they are even real that is?


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  • I understand not wanting to share your picture online, but if you're wanting to date someone you have to be willing to compromise. It's a huge issue if they don't send pics etc...

    • yeah just happened recently, i asked a girl i was talking to... or 'girl' cause who knows... for just two normal regular pics and she refused. im no longer talking to her.

    • Good for you!

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  • Of course. I would think that it means one of two things:

    1. They aren't actually who they've portrayed themselves to be (i. e. a catfish).
    2. They are very insecure about their appearance and think that you'll lose interest if you learn what they look like (insecurity that may be warranted or unwarranted).

    Either way, I would feel that the relationship couldn't progress any further.

  • Definitely a red flag. Skype before dating.

  • I just find it alarming in general when someone only sends me dick pics and not selfies.

  • Yes, big red flag.


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  • Yes, but more if they refuse to video chat or even voice calls, online dating its a scary thing most times, experienced it first hand

    • coming from a guy who has no " selfie " as his profile pic haha!

    • This isn't a dating site @pyramid_princess

    • yea this is no dating site indeed haha what was the point you were trying to prove pyramid princess? im just curious to know? and i dont get why the down votes lol just my opinion here but guess people will downvote anything here lol

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