She's interested but I'm not?

So, there's this girl that I strongly suspect is crushing over me. As flattering as that is, I'm just not interested (in her).

Being direct sounds like a dumb idea.

I've already done my "part" in hinting to her that I'm just not interested, etc., but her FB posts seem to point to interest, saying how she gets dolled up just to get noticed by "HIM".

I'm going to continue with the hints but am looking to see if someone can suggest something better, if anything.

Oh, and saying I'm gay isn't going to happen; I'm digging a nerdy chick that just started working here.

Whoops, question is: HOW DO I GET HER TO STOP LIKING ME, I guess.


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  • Pose with the nerdy chick? like publicly share that you two are getting close?

  • Be direct and straight up tell her you're not interested. Don't bother throwing hints and signals. Girls hate trying to decode things as much as guys do.


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