I want to talk to her so bad, what should I do?

So first semester last year was when I first saw her and I thought "Wow she's so beautiful" she was everything I wanted in a girl look wise. I remember following her into the library just to look at her, and I thought to myself "Man I'm never going to get her", a few weeks passed and I met up with one of my fellow high school graduates. To make a long story short, he knew her because his cousin was best friends with her. He told me however he was already trying to talk to her (Which I later found out he had no chance in the first place), a few more weeks go by and I end up talking to another girl and I forget about the previous girl completely, partly because one of my other homies was trying to get at her. The thing is she was apparently shy so guys had almost no luck with her, she was also innocent from what her friends told us. She had never done anything with a guy, so we agreed if anyone tried to talk to her they would have to end up being in a relationship with her, nobody wanted to be that first person to play her emotions and break her heart. Eventually my second friend failed, and it seemed like nobody was going to get her. I cut things off with the girl I was talking to but that same day the previous girl (the shy one I like) from before approached me with her friends. I asked myself if this was really happening, it seemed like fate. We gradually got into talking but stopped talking near the end of the year. Summer came and I had got nowhere with her, I started thinking about her everyday over the summer. I don't have her number but I have her snapchat and I keep thinking about contacting her but it just seems like something I should do in person since we haven't got the chance to know each other that well. I just don't want to make the mistake of snapchatting her and getting ignored or rejected but I also don't want to wait until summer is over to talk to her because she might move on by then. I don't know what to do, what's the best option? :/

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  • Why wait? You might get lucky and be able to spend some of your summer with her :)


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  • ask to hang out

  • Nothings wrong messaging her saying Hi or what not


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