I haven't had that spark with someone in 8 years. What's wrong with me?

It's been 8 years since my last serious relationship. All the women I've met since then have done nothing for me. They're boring or stupid or otherwise incompatible with me. 8 years is a long time and a lot of places. Before, I formed connections pretty often. I always met someone I fell for. But now, no one does it for me.

It's not my standards. I simply haven't felt much for any of the girls I've dated or met or talked with since then. And I've tried. There is a physical desire there, but no emotional connection. Maybe my ex just ruined women for me.

It's weird though. Sometimes I get some semblance of that spark, a tiny, tiny flicker; but, it doesn't last long.

Maybe I have a brain tumor. -_-;;

Anyone else feel like this?


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  • I think you're looking for that special spark that you associate with some 8 years ago. If you keep looking you might find the right person. Just talk and text whoever you like to keep the communication open. Get a feel for the person/people. I think of you go this route you should stick to only a couple of people at a time. And talk to the girls over a couple weeks span of time. Usually love and connection are instant tho
    Basically you have to find what your heart so desires😊I wish you luck


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  • Maybe you're looking for someone special or the one