Signs a guy you met online likes you?

How can I know that this very handsome guy i met online likes me / is interested in me?
I got to know him some weeks ago, we exchanged numbers and have been texting daily since then.
He always replied reasonably quick, seems to want to meet me in person, he puts 😘❤️ behind lots of texts (when i asked him about this he replied that he's just being a very nice guy but i'm confused), he hasn't really asked many questions about myself but when i tell him that sth upset me or imm not feeling good he asks for the reason.
When i said (without intentions) that I'd need a hug after a bad day i had he replied "and
mabey a kiss.) and when he asked me about my ex-boyfriends and i told him a bit about it he said "oh mabey you need a new boyfriend;)"

this is all so confusing so guys and girls what are tell tale signs he'd actually like me and see me as a simple texting buddy?

*and not see me as a simple texting buddy?


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  • He may just be very flirtatious? Be careful. Guard your heart.

  • Online guys... . you know nothing about them.

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