Invited to meet the friends - should I go?

We're not together, he said he didn't want a girlfriend. I haven't slept with him yet but we've hooked up but not sure if that's relevant.
Anyway he's going on a work trip and is having several friends (guys and girls) over for drinks before he goes.
I've never met any of them and I'm a pretty awkward person with meeting new people.
So I'd hate to turn up either by myself or with a friend and have everyone else together and not fit in and want to leave or make a bad impression. Because obviously he'd be mingling with his friends and not just with me.
Not to mention I don't know how to act with him with other people around since we're only talking/casual.
Ahh, ideas, thoughts?

Anyone else?


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  • then better mention dat u don't feel comfortable meetin those guys... guess he'll understand


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  • Don't go! It's clearly a trap!


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  • You should go and who knows? Maybe you can get to know them better and you may realize that some of them are decent people. Go. What do you have to lose?