Has this ever happened to you?

Ever since my last relationship things have not been looking up in the relationship department. Don't get me wrong i put myself out there, got a few dates but no relationship. And I was at a place where i questioned myself and my worth as well as if there was something wrong with me.

My last relationship didn't end well, it ended with my ex posting stuff about me on twitter after i appologised for breaking up with her and was sincere about the relationship we had.

I have been single for over a year now. and it did hit me quite bad that I wasn't attracting woman who wanted to be in a relationship with me. And I see people my age dating like there's no tomorrow and get into relationships so easy. and here i am struggling. I spent a lot of the time thinking on what i was doing wrong.

Has this ever happened to you before?


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  • " And I see people my age dating like there's no tomorrow"

    The grass is always greener, someone out there will look at you and want what you have. You articulate yourself well and you seem genuine, these are great qualities. To me, it sounds like you should take the focus off women and to focus on your personal goals. Form new friendships and focus on having "fun" in life. Once you get to this point, positive and exciting people will enter your life and you won't have time to fall into this self doubt mode.

    I've been 1.5 year single and loving it because i've just filled my time with doing things i enjoy doing. If i meet potential partners, great... if not? I'm busy anyways so i don't have time to get down.

    "I spent a lot of the time thinking on what i was doing wrong."
    - Don't worry man, just take a break away from it. Focus on something else to do positive that will improve your life and come back to dating when you're ready. If you're down and out and flat out burnt out? People will pick up on this energy.

    • What you say makes a lot of sens, and i do thank you for your input. you are right my main focus has been on woman and i do have good opportunities in my career that I can put all my focus on. thank you for your wisdom.

    • What's special about you is that you are humble and can take constructive criticism. It's very nerving to reflect on yourself.

      "i do have good opportunities in my career that I can put all my focus on."
      Awesome man, keep that drive. Even if you take a 3 year break to put focus on your career and future.. it's awesome time invested. Most people meet people through friends so just focus on building a network of good friends.

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  • It has never happened to me, but I've seen it happen to people. It's more common than you think it is.


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  • Please don't compare yourself with others, and don't get desperate, it's never good. Give yourself time to understand, analyze what went wrong, the positives and negatives of your previous relationship and be ready first, don't get into a relationship to prove the world that you can also do it. There is no competition going on here.

  • honestly how would u rate yerself in looks or confidence then?

    maybe u just back off when u wanna talk 2 a gal...

    • I think I am pretty god looking i say an 8/10

      and my confidence is just fine. I am who i am and i don't try and be anyone that i am not when i am with them.

      As for talking to them i have no problem doing so, i can approach just about most woman.

    • that's very good then, u sound like a confident dude...

      u can approach any gal u wan but bro, don't act creepy and don't approach people u don't even know... this is a big "no" ;)

  • What's better.. dating alof of women and increasing your ex ratio or taking your time and finding a genuine someone to be happy with... quantity isn't better than quality.