Guys: Please let me know what you think of this situation. Should I give it another chance with him?

I ended it with my boyfriend 2 months ago. These past days we have been patching things up because he SURPRISINGLY reached out to me about 3 days ago.

He then admits that he hooked up with one chic after we ended because he panicked as he didn't like being alone. They hit it off right away, and finally one night, she did a 180 on him, torn his heart and realized that I was better than this girl and that I meant the best. He also realized how dedicated I was and how much I cared. And admits he was ignorant to realize that when he had me.

I don't know what to do. he said He's not reconciling with me because he is torn but because he made a mistake and and knew that some other guy could pull me in. I looked at his social media and he is still friends with this girl who apparently broke his heart. The problem with this guy, is he is afraid to be alone even when we first dated.

but right now this is what he tells me, " I want to work things out with you, and put us on good terms."
Should I take him back, is he saying that he wants to be in a relationship with me again?


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  • Well, you'll never really know the truth unless you try it again, I mean if you want too so that's a risk you've got to take. However to me he seems to have realized the fact about you, so why not? you can give him a chance but first let him clear his head, let him come to you and tell you he wants to be with you again and then you can take it forward.

    • Hey Serious,

      thank you for your opinion. I like this out of everyone's (no offense) but I really do.

    • That's okay. You're welcome

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  • No, don't take him back.

  • No!.. ditch his ass.. your so young, play the field yourself and get a serious guy later on.. this guy is immature not to mention insecure !!! and waste of your time. Work on your own personal development and decent guys will come to you..! Just have fun for now.. You don't need him, he needs you..

    • "you don't need him, he needs you." can you elaborate more.

    • Sure, I'm going off what you said that he panicked and did not like being alone. I would review your reasons for dumping him in the first place.. those reasons still apply..

  • actions speak louder than words. You know that he is snakey since he never wants to be alone he is just using you an dthe fact that he has that girl still on his list speaks volumes. leave him.