Ex-gf who I'm dating asked me a question that I'm very sceptical about, I don't know if she's on the same page as I am, and how do I get her there?

My ex-gf who I'm now dating again asked me a question the other day. She was talking with her friend about us and her friend brought up a point. She asked if I was doing this because I wanted to or because it is something I'm used to. She had a worried look on her face as if she new what I was going to say and told me dont say because you love me or some cheese answer. I told her in all honestly that I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be here. My ex-gf broke up with me two months ago and we didn't talk for a while, then she began texting me all the time and phoning me and wanting to talk, which I did'nt answer because I still wassnt over the break up. I haven't stopped thinking about this girl and love her more than she even knows, half the time I can't express myself full because I dont want to come off too clingy but I would give my life for this girl. I just dont know if she would do the same. She has told me she loves me many times, even now when dating and I know she means it, I'm just not sure how much she wants "us". She loves to party and have fun, and clearly was with other people while we were broken up, and not to mention that I love to have lots of fun to, but I love to have fun with her and by my side. A few months ago while we were together she sent me something talking about marrying young. It was mainly about how people thinking that marrying young is terrible and you may not find the right person, but what many people don't realize is that when you come home from a club or party you have someone you love there to talk and fall a sleep with, somone by your side... she told me she remembers and we shoud just take things day by day. I agreed just hoping she is near the same page I'm on. She broke up with me, but I dont want to loose her again. I need a way that she will stay intrested in me and want to see me more.


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  • If she doesn't like you as much as you like her she's not worth it. Just calmly tell her how you feel, and see what happens from there. You might be able to compromise on a small change, like living together

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