Girls, im thinking about investing in this is it a good idea?

Ok so i have a deep rooted fear of rejection when it comes to approaching women which is why im.23 and still single im thinking about trying to find a dating coach who can try to pull me through these weaknesses of feeling repulsive or she would never date a guy like me


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  • More than that, I think you need a therapist or life coach. Once you can find confidence and happiness within yourself, then focus on a girl. You can't love someone else if you can't love yourself. I say this because I've seen you on here quite a bit, putting yourself down almost constantly. It's not healthy.

    • If you been through 10+ years of verbal abuse and situations always falling through you tend to just settle. When i was younger i would put up a fight when someone said i was ugly or repulsive now its fuck it so what om ugly abd repulsive after awhile you just learn to deal with it. Honestly a therapist can't fix ten years of my life where i experienced all that stuff

    • Maybe not right away, but a therapist can help you sort through some of that hurt and negativity, and overcome it. There will be nothing to gain from this site if at the end of the day, you're just going to consider yourself as repulsive and unworthy. You have to find a way to get past that first, and gain some confidence, or else you'll always have an issue finding a woman and accepting her love.

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  • therapist would be more important, I can understand what you've been through though somewhat, I had a very controlling and negative Chinese mother, and I still deal with anxiety and low self esteem all the time.

    Even if you do find a date, from my experience you're still going to have problems believing your worth and probably jealousy issues because you think your partner could do better, like I do, I'm lucky I'm dating an older patient guy but I still try to visit my school therapist.