Is a fifth date to the beach a good time/place to define the relationship?

I've been dating a guy for the past two months and we're going on our fifth date together to the beach this weekend :) He's going to America for 5 weeks in a few days so I was thinking this date would be the perfect time to figure out where we stand with each other?
I don't necessarily want to be boyfriend and girlfriend just yet, I'd prefer to wait until he gets back, but I'd like to take this opportunity to maybe discuss not seeing other people except each other.

What do you think?


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  • I wouldn't discuss this wait till he gets back.

    • Really? I feel if I don't figure out where I stand with him before he goes, I'll go crazy with wondering what's going on :L

    • Well it isn't just about you, its about him also. He will be in America for 5 weeks and chances are he will taste everything we have to offer, if you know what I mean.