Guys: Do you want to be with a women who doesn't tolerate your bad behavior?

Guys: Let's say you were seeing/dating a woman. And you did something that you KNEW was considered bad behavior (lying, standing her up on a date, running really late without notice, etc.) And she ended it with you for that reason, but did it very nicely. No cursing, just a "I am very disappointed because you..." and then said her goodbye. How would you feel about that woman? Would you want to be with her even more for respecting herself?

I guess my question is: do men love women who value/respect themselves and don't tolerate bad behavior from men?


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  • I would respect her for doing that. That's actually a pretty mature way to handle the situation. And if I was the guy (it'd never happen, btw), it may even make me reflect on what I did. Guys can learn from their mistakes, too. We're just much more stubborn and bullheaded about it.

    • would you try to contact her and make amends or just let it be after he ended it with you?

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    • wow, i like your responses. Very well thought out. Thanks!

      This actually happened to me last weekend. A guy (in his mid 30's) who I met online and had been seeing for 1 month blew me off at a dinner that he made reservations to. But he also told me the day before that he found out he was moving to a far away city for his company in a few weeks. I said that if he no longer wanted to see each other, that there would be no hard feelings. But he said he would love to see me again and it would be a shame to not talk again. The next day we were suppose to go to out dinner and he blew me off at the time of the date because he told me he was with his friends and too drunk. So i politely ended it. He called me the next morning (very early) and left me an apology voicemail. I responded a few hours later with a appreciate the apology text. And silence since then. I wish we could have kept in touch at least (maybe as friends?) since we really did like each other's company. But is it worth it

    • *chuckles* Thank you. I've had a lot of years to reflect on my mistakes. If I'd only known then what I know now...

      But more to the point, his excuse was pretty lame. I realize you weren't together that long, but from what you've told me, this would have ended sooner or later. One of my favorite quotes is "If you are serious, it is a good beginning. If you are not, it is a good end." Seems to fit here.

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  • When u say dont tolerate u sound more like a mom! But i understand what ur saying, i agree if someone i am with is blowing me off leaving me waiting, constantly i would come to the conclusion that i wasn't a priority in there life so i would also move on

  • I'd be grateful that she ended it with me since she is clearly a weak person for quitting over something small.

  • Sure, why not? Any woman will do. They are all the same.


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  • I thanks pretty ridiculous, in what kind of relationship would you want to have to walk on eggshells, because your partner would leave you for one little mistake? That's a horrible.