Why is she so confusing?

I feel like this girl likes me but she's very up and down. She also has a boyfriend that lives with her but she will tell me about how they argued about this and that. I try to ignore that. I've had a girlfriend for most of this whole ordeal and now we're broken up, but this girl doesn't know about it yet.

So we used to work together at our last job. She's friends with everyone all the guys. So it's hard to tell. She's text me occasionally we'd chat back and forth joking around. So she moved to a bigger company and was trying to recruit me to come. She recommended me and maybe a buddy of mine. She helped me get interviews and she'd always text or email me along the way asking how it's going etc. if I acted like I maybe wasn't interested shed seem upset and turn around and tell another guy about the job like right in front of me. I'd always beike "what the hell?"

So I took the job she told me I'd be an idiot if I didn't, which she was right. So she acts weird, if I don't email her or text her for a few days she'll message me. Like I can almost call it. I'll ask he he to lunch with the guys and she'll tell me she can't, and watch my reaction or something. She'll text me and say "hey sorry super busy I'll join you guys next week!" I'm like ok cool no big deal. I'm not chasing but her. So I haven't talked to her in a couple days and she instant messages me about going to out old company's baseball outing I'm like no way. She's like come on! It will be fun, but I'm trying to make sure everyone will go if I'm going. Like as an excuse for asking me. Plus she's always mentioning another guy we used to work with how he emails her. I don't get her really? I'm like are we friends because you act weird!


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  • Distance yourself buddy.
    Friendships are supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
    She doesn't know what she wants. Move on.
    Good luck.

    • What doesn't she know she wants? I don't really want anything other than friendship but she's confusing me

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  • I don't like the general direction this is going. Someone's probably going to get hurt, and the bull's eye is on you. Call it an old guy's warning bell, but that's my opinion.

    • What's she doing? I'm not chasing her

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    • I feel like she wants me to chase but I don't know

    • It sounds like it. I think she wants attention from whoever will give it to her. She probably isn't getting it from her boyfriend, so she's supplementing. And you could probably get her, if you put forth the effort. But it may not be worth it. Keep in mind, you're the one who really knows the whole story here. I'm guessing based on a handful of sentences and my gut.