Scared to ask him if we are exclusive, Advice?

I have been talking to this guy for a while now and I am bout to ask him if he Exclusive and my friend gave advice on what to say to him and this she told me say " (1/2) Ask him if u guys are exclusive even though u aren't serious if he says no say ok I just wanted to know because a guy asked me out on Friday
(2/2) he says yes say I just wanted to know because if we're aren't I wanted to know for future reference.
And I just scared to ask him because I feel like he would say no I just need advice.

Please someone help I really need advice
I need more advice pleaseeee


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  • wot makes u believe he'll say no anyway? just b positive and ask better... he might say yes :)

    • The reason why I think he might say no because we twice about were we stand and he told me we are just going let nature takes it course and that what we have been doing but I want ask what I have been wondering since me and him been if he only seeing me or someone else well and I just nervous about asking him

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    • Sorry I meant to say it wasn't recently since I asked him

    • eh lots of time has passed then... so now he might have changed his mind... ain't nothing 2 lose by givin it a try ;)

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  • I know how scary it can be to ask. I'm in a similar boat. The fear of hearing no seems so much worse than not knowing at all when in reality not knowing or asking only makes it harder to get out of because you're more invested. I think what you need to do first is ask yourself what you want. Do you want an exclusive relationship? Is it just a title or do you actually see yourself with him. All relationships only have two outcomes. If it's a sure yes from you, ask him what he wants out of it. If he's not looking for the same thing it'll suck but you know that it wouldn't have worked out anyway since you want different things. Essentially the future of your relationship will always depend on what you and your partner want and if it matches. If he says he's not ready it's up to you to decide if you want to wait (without pressuring) or if you'd rather walk. It's what you want and your happiness and peace of mind. If you don't necessarily want a serious relationship and are just feeling the pressure of expectations and titles, still talk to him. Either way communication is always key, you don't want to start or continue a relationship if you feel like you can't talk about anything! You can do this, be brave!

    • I just ask him and he told me he's not talking to anyone else and I was really happy but the thing is, once I told my guy friend that never meet the guy I am talking to he said he still thinks he is keeping me in arms length and I was happy that he was only taking to me but now I can't be happy because now I think what my friend said now 😔

    • Wait a few days and then ask if he thinks he'll eventually want to be in a relationship with you

    • Me and him had a conversation twice about where we stand and he told me that he wants to let nature takes it course that's what we have been doing, that what I am trying to do but when my friend thinks that he keeps me arms length he makes me overthink and think he's not interested in me or that my friend is right I just want to be content and happy

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