Girls, would it matter to you if a guy is 25 but has never been in a real relationship. Not for any weird reason but because they are shy?

Would it make you think something is weird with the guy? If you liked him how would you act or treat him different if he is a little shy. Would it matter if he is shy if he can change? Would you try to make the first moves?

  • Yeah i would be put off by a guy who never had a relationship by 25.
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  • It would not matter to me if i liked him.
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  • I don't think you like someone soley based on their dating history. You like the other person because you find some quality in them or qualities that are extremely attractive physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, whatever. There are plenty of shy guys who are married now, but they had to get to that point somehow, right? Besides, at least initially there is no need to go into a bunch of details as to why you're 25 and haven't been in a relationship. Just focus on the girl you like or perhaps that likes you and doing what you think will make her happy and hopefully things will work out.


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  • No. Why would I judge a guy like that? If he was attractive and had a great personality, then it's great.

    To be honest, I would be put off by a guy who had a track record with women in bed and relationships. That's a red flag that there's something going on.

  • I'd love being a guys first girlfriend, I totally wouldn't judge a guy because be hasn't had a girlfriend