Is marriage really a mandatory thing to have if you want to stay in a long serious relationship and keep it strong?

People have told me that me and my girlfriend (of 6 years) should marry but we just tell them no because we don't believe in marriage (for financial and government reasons). I don't know how marriage works in other countries but here in America (US), it just seems pointless since there are so many divorces at a high rate. Once me and my girlfriend have told them how we feel about marriage, then they started to judge us and tell how we are "cheating each other" as couples which doesn't sound like it makes any sense to me.

  • Yes. It's just better and more traditional that way.
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  • No. There's no legal obligation for that.
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  • Not necessarily but some commitment is essential if you are raising children.

    The biggest issue with marriage is that it is interpreted differently by every state. You may marry in New Hampshire under one set of laws and divorce according to a completely different set in California.

    One little known solution to this is domestic contracts. You can completely spell out the terms of your partnership and contingencies for dissolution, including the disposition of property and your intentions regarding your children. You can also overcome “next of kin” requirements by granting medical power of attorney, designating beneficiaries, etc.

    Any state will enforce the contract on its face as long as it does not directly violate their laws. Some issues such as custody and child support are always open ended and on-going but that is true even in marriage.

    One proviso. Do not use the same attorney. Not having separate representation is a classic reason for courts to invalidate a domestic contract or pre-nuptial agreement.


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  • It's totally not obligated and people should keep their pie holes shut because it's really none of their business. It is a choice made by the couple and people should deal with it. I prefer marriage because I love that whole idea of a new commitment but people can be just as committed and only be boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • I mean, I don't have any against marriage or people who still agree with it but in my honest opinion, I just don't agree with paying so much money to make it official to the world that we're couples and the government giving us these little rules on how we should live our love lives and then penalize us if we break any of them.

    • Understandable and I completely respect that. It's really your choice dude.

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  • yes, other wise she will think you are just using her for sexy and leave

    • No. My girlfriend is aware my purpose of being in a relationship with her and she agrees with me. I don't see why marriage has to be shoved down all of our throats if we're truly happy together this way. Besides, marriage cost a shit ton of money for us anyway.

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    • Yeah. It's not only that. I don't want to risk losing half of my income that worked so hard for just because my soon-to-be ex-wife lost interest in me and decided to file for divorce. I constantly hear from men ranting about that.

    • That's what prenumps are for

  • If you aren't going to have kids marriage isn't necessary.

    • Depends. I have an aunt who's a mother of one son and never married and she's still in a strong relationship with her boyfriend (who's her son's father as well).

    • True, as long as the parents stay together long enough to raise the child until he/she is able to live on their own marriage is not necessary.