Should I just stop replying?

He texts once every 1-2 days, and when I reply, he never replies back. then texts something random again the next day.

sometimes, if I text first, he either replies hours and hours later, or not at all.

every once in a while he'll actually text more than a few times, but lately it's mostly dumb, flirty stuff, like hey babe, hey sexy, when you coming over, and other stuff like that, which he never texted before. I don't really think we're on a hey babe basis here since we've only been on like three dates and that was three weeks ago.

and the only thing we ever did is make out once, so stuff like when you coming over? doesn't even make sense, even if it's jokey.

i just want to know, is there a point to replying any more, because it seems to me he lost interest a while ago and just texts when he's bored or something. otherwise he would've asked to see me again at least, no?



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  • You have it figured out. If he asked you out before, the fact that it's been three weeks and he still hasn't asked you out again shows he's lost interest(Or been very busy, on any of those three dates, were you able to find out what he does in his spare time, that "might" be a time constraint.). He's late on return texts, and of those texts, none have any substance or effort.

    It's highly unlikely that he's been truly busy for three weeks, unless you guys are in college, and this is the time finals are.

    Other than that, most of what you posts conveys a guy that lost interest.



    • Thanks for the comment! Should I reply anymore then? I don't see the point then.

    • I would not reply to pointless messages like "hey sexy" "when you coming over".

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  • Do not continue to respond. Ignore all texts - just delete them. He'll get the message. Not even ONE!

    He's bored an wants his ego stroked - so don't continue to stroke it.

    • Thanks! I definitely won't :)

  • dont reply to him anymore and just ignore him. he either is sending more than one text (its called booty grazing) or is just bored and trying to stroke his ego. don't give him the satisfaction of replying put his ass on ignore!

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