Guys, what does my boyfriend mean by this?

My boyfriend asked me to tell him... What i thought of him... So i did and i asked why he asked that.. He mentioned bc he wondered what i thought of him and whenever i see his name what comes to my mind... What does this mean.. He also said he is glad im always there bc he goes guys can tell wen a girl is being a bitch n ur cool.. Wen we argue u dont storm or show off... U show next day u r ok... And he likes that... He also said... Im way too emotional but i show im strong though im not n i need to work on that.. Says i should take criticism well n not get offended... He said when i met him.. I shudnt ask for stuff but he will give me things wen its the right time.. Wen i asked him does he see a future together he goes i dunno what i had dinner ladt night... What does this all mean? ...


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  • He sounds a little insecure in the relationship. You might try complimenting him more and telling him what you love or like about him

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