Guys, I'm 13 and I really like this guy and I'm soooo lonely. Do you think he likes me? At all or what should I do because I'm dying?

Now that we are on summer break I don't see him but back in school I had a crush on him almost my entire 7th grade year. We would always look at each other and sometimes he would catch me looking an ten I would catch him looking. And then at the end of the year my math teacher put is right next to each other it was super embarrassing. I can't bring myself to try flirting or talking to him when I know who he likes and it's not me which kills me. I have no idea how he feels and I am so depressed sometimes. I just want someone😔. One time when we were in math we weren't sitting by each other yet and he walked by with his friend and I guess his friend said something funny and as he was smiling he looked at me in a way and it was so perfect because I was smiling too. I just don't think he likes me though because we don't talk and I know who he likes. Ugh😔


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  • Just tell one of your friends to ask him what he thinks of you. If he says he likes you, ask him out if he says no, then sadly move on.

    • They have already asked him and he won't answer he is a very shy and reserved person

    • Mmmm well thats a hard situation. Good luck sista.

    • Thanks I guess

  • If you like him, ask him out. It seems like he's shy.

    Anyway, you're only 13 years old. You're not missing anything.