How to overcome this problem?

I am in a long distance relationship
and sometimes it gets me down its like a emotional roller coaster !! But I love him. We communicate a lot by text and calls etc but last night when we text chatted I told him I feel he's becoming bored? He said no? then he said " do I seem off or distant lately?" Do I not speak to you as much as I did? Then he said maybe it's the way you are feeling !! I told him I do get fed up ! He then said what can I do? Do you want more dirty talk? . I felt terrible after telling him how I was feeling , he even asked what he can do to improve it and said do I want more dirty talk? . We use to all the time maybe that's what is missing? We meet once a month it's the In-between parts I hate !! Because I miss him :( , how can I stop feeling this way about him becoming bored and I do to? We have had little arguments to over it :/


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  • you can try different modes of communication

    video chat, dinner over Skype, random flirty texts, calls, even write letters
    you can try dirty talk in these different mediums too
    try talking about different things than what you normally do