Is he just busy or not into me (Details included)?

So I have started talking to this guy and then we went out on a date and made out at the end. We have been talking for almost 3 weeks and only hung out once, moslty because i was out of town for a week. He is a self proclaimed "bad texter"and sometimes takes hours to respond but he always does. He goes to school until 1:30 then he starts work at 3 until 9 everyday. He always texts me before school and then inbetween school and work and most of the time after work. He keeps hinting at hanging out but he won't pull the trigger and sometimes it takes him a long time to respond to texts. So is he just taking so long because he's stringing me along or is it because he is generally too busy for me?

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  • Seems like he is genuinely busy. He obviously thinks about you and likes you , because he texts at every opportunity.


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  • I think if he wanted to hang out with you he would make time, as i am a guy, But his schedule does seem quite as the bird


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  • I don't think guys really like to texts that much, and he does sound like he's really busy. At least he sends you texts before school and in between his other activities.