Girls, Do y'all think she likes me or is just being friendly?

OK so i met this girl we hit off exchanged numbers and textd almost every day all day upuntlil a few days ago she's kind of shy and has never had a boyfriend or fist kiss or any thing she inveited me out to an event of hers i went she came to meet my family as i have alredy met hers we went on i guess you could say an offical date for dinner at the begining she was trying to tell me somthing she asked if i understood what she ment i told her it sounded like she just wants to be freinds she said no she doesn't want to freindzone me just to take things slow after that conversation she really opend up to me we were there for hours i brought her home gave her a quick hug then she pulled me back the other day i asked her if she wanted to hang out the next day she said she was busy but the next moring she texted me saying to come get her she just wanted to hang out wiht me instestd we went ride around she was more talkeative and touchy when whe went home to her parents house she inveted me in wich she's never done before when i went to leave she gave me a long hug we were there for like two mins everything seemed like it was geting better she even offed up ideas for the next hand out / date and said she was glad she came and spent her day with me but now we haven't texted in two days I've tried but she never relpyed im geting a little worried that i did something wrong or mabey she doesnty like me just being nice.


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  • Maybe her phone is broken? Or she is just using you

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