Is this a bad sign from a girl?

if you ask a girl out but she's always busy to go out on a date. Apparently she really does work a lot and others have confirmed that so she's not lying. I texted her trying to figure out a day, and she kept saying she is getting busy with work. She said she'll text me when she's free. Isn't hate bad? Does that mean she'll never text me?


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  • Well that's what happened with my crush and I. It took about two months after I asked her before we actually hung out. We both had stuff that kept coming up (mostly her).
    She is very hard to read and sometimes she would text me, mostly I'd text her. I just asked her if she ever wanted to hang out like every week and eventually we did.

    So, I guess I'll just say that persistence CAN pay off, just don't be too annoying about it.

    It's almost a win-draw situation: if you ask her about it consistently she might finally give in at some point, and that means she probably really was busy.
    If she never goes out with you, then you know she probably wasn't worth your time anyway and you can move on.

    It's up to you how long you wanna wait. Those two months were very very long for me.

  • That is the message I would get grom it.