Im not really a party animal and she has a problem with it?

Me and my girlfriend just had a disagreement on a after prom party. Here is how it started, my girlfriend is a senior and im sort of a junior. Im having my prom this year and she already had hers last year. Well I asked her if she wanted to go and she dont really wanted to go. (its not my first time going to prom either) Well, Im fine with it like I dont want to force her or something besides I just want to have a quiet prom and just chill around with my friends since me and my friends are separating soon. Might sound pretty weird here cuz I dont really like to party and it isn't really my thing. My girlfriend wanted to go to the party but not the prom. I told her that I dont want to go to the after prom party since its not my thing and she got a bit of upset. She recently came back from overseas for study break and we are going over together soon. She said that she want to have some fun while we are here because she doesn't really have a chance while she's there. SO I don't know i just turned down on her and she's a bit of upset. Also she just came back from her part time work and she caught a flu. Maybe she's tired and sick thats why she acted a little bit chy? Or I should go instead?


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  • you dont have much future together. you must find someone more mature and less partyanimalistic... .

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