Is this very rude or what?

My boyfriend and I have been going out seriously for 2 years now. His 25th birthday dinner is today and he said his parents want it to just be them and his 24 and 22 year old brother
I find it weird that at that age they are having a birthday dinner that is leaving his serious girlfriend out. I just think that after that length of time and that age it is generally expected that so go to stuff like that. I could understand if it was a birthday dinner for his brother but it is for my own boyfriend I feel like I have a s much of a right to be there as anyone. My boyfriend said he is told his parents that they either include me and stop being rude or he is just going to celebrate alone with me. Thoughts?


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  • I see it two ways so to be Fair: I believe that mom and daddy dearest should have a birthday dinner Today where you could be included, being you seem to be part of the family for...2 years now.
    I also feel that perhaps over the weekend, mom could have Then a private Blood tie bonding party where it just includes her own family.
    I find it rather Insulting myself that they would do this to you and one would wonder, as your honey blows out his candles without you being there: Why are my potential in-laws blowing me off?
    Good luck and Happy Birthday to your soul mate. xx

    • Thats whatnim saying. I always thought they liked me which is why I find it really weird that they are leaving. out their sons serious girlfriend when he is 25. I could see if it was a hs relationship but its not relationships start to become more serious at this point. It makes me think if they are leaving memoir of something where I clearly should be more than welcome then what else down the line will they be ride and leave me out of?

    • Hmmm, yes, and when you would become a daughter in-law, what next? I think it's time to keep an eye on Mommy Dearest. xx

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  • I think it is rude. If it is HIS birthday, he should be at liberty to invite whomever he pleases.

    That said, I would not ruffle the relationship with his parents over it. You have to pick you battles. Whenever you get upset about something with your SO or his family, ask yourself this question: "Is this a hill I am willing to die on?"

    • But he agrees that's it rude so what then should I ask my boyfriend to stand up for me to his family. I dunno i always been told if I guy won't put you first and defend you then. you should gtfo of that relationship

    • He cannot control his parents. Save your energy for more important battles.

  • he's interested but i'm afraid his parents don't like u. anyway at his age i believe it's his choice n only wid who he's gonna celebrate his b-day :)

  • I think that's extremely rude and inconsiderate. You're obviously important to their son so they should include you in his birthday dinner whether they like you or not

  • i don't think its rude but maybe they want the present family menmbers out there?

    • Yeah but when does that stop where I get excluded after 5 years of dating 10 15. The point is me and him are starting a family and we are family to each other. Its not like we are just friends. This is the man I'm looking to spend the rest of my. life with I think it should be expected that I go to his birthday dinner.

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    • You both need to stand your ground on this one otherwise where will it stop. But it has to come from him. I have come out of a 10 year relationship where his partners interfer at every turn. (From birthdays, Christmases, to where we lived, to where/when/if we married). Lucky for me they interfered with our weddings, (yes that is an s) and we never got married, so we are not looking at a divorce. it could have quite easily have been avoid if boundaries were set at the beginning of the relationship. Something along the lines of 'you have been great parents, now you need trust that you taught me well enough to make my own decisions. I have chosen this girl to be apart of my life because of x qualities. I am hoping that you will embrace her as apart of the family and try to love her as much as I do'. I hope this helps.

    • poppykate why in my opinion?

  • Oh stfu already, just let them have their dinner, and stop complaining, jesus fucking sakes

    • Wow that was rude! He is 25 not 16. This is a serious girlfriend and he should feel free to invite who he pleases as an adult not mommy and daddy and he obviously wants me there since that is what he is telling his family

    • Again, leave it alone. It's his family. Just leave it alone, ya little prick

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  • It's not rude. They probably just want immediate family members. Do you know for a fact his parents don't like you?

    • But we are starting to become our own family. I mean I could understand if it was for his brother because that doesn't effect me but this is my own boyfriend.. its not like it is a hs relationship either. Once people are grown adults their relationship s become more serious where it is pretty much assumed that their so goes with them to family functions. Besides hebjs a 25 year old man he should decide who gets to attend his birthday dinner not mommy and daddy doesn't that make the most logical sense. to you

    • Honestly if I was you I would be upset as well. However, there can be some underlying issues that resulted in this from past experiences (not necessarily involving you). Did your boyfriend talk to his parents about it yet?