Would you start ignoring someone you liked if you embarrassed yourself in front of them even when they keep showing they like you still?

Everything was going really well but the last time we hung out (third date) he was drunk and told me about his rough past, got all mushy, and when I left he went to kiss me one last time and I accidentally pushed him away and he tripped and fell. I messaged him a week later and he said he was busy for two weeks and didn't reply to any of my messages for three weeks after. It's been two months since we've spoken and I miss him and want to message him but I feel like he won't reply because he doesn't even OPEN the messages. Can I even salvage this? Is it possible he wasn't embarrassed and just lost interest? He seemed to really like me, not like he was ever uncertain. Should I message his friend?

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  • guess he was embarrassed then since he was drunk. i'd feel da same way, tbh

    • Do you think there would be any way to salvage this?

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    • I've already messaged him three times in a month, though and he hasn't opened any :( it's been two months since we've seen each other now :(((

    • then i believe u should give up, if he doesn't make any efort... sorry :(

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