Is this man being creepy or coming onto me?

sometimes guys like me, and sort of show me but they won't make a move. I've gone to a therapist several times- well its specialty therapy. yes he's married but from the minute he saw me, he made these weird sexual grunts/noises.. like this loud noise to show he was turned on and wanted me sexually--it was weird. after our session- he'll put his arm around me- and it doesn't feel 'platonic' it feels like he's either trying to make a move or gauging things.. to see if i react. now he'll just put his arm around and scratch my back quickly a bit--kind of like saying "see i'm interested are you?"
once he nodded his head as if "interested"? he'll stare at me in strange ways, as if he's super attracted to me, and once looked at me and said "beautiful"... even said "well suppose you and i were in a relationship".. giving an example about something... i told him he can 'touch' me during sessions.. i meant platonically.. b/c he said sometimes he touches people to help to get them to relax or something.. but he won't touch me and it's weird--i want the touching just for the therapy part. the two times he did touch me, he acted super turned on and kind of freaked out...

sometimes he'll touch my feet, and it's just weird. whatevers happening def isn't platonic. it seems he's wanting something to happen but too scared to make a move--not sure if that's what's going on. he even said last time, that he doesn't want things to just 'end' after our last session--we can talk through email or on the phone- even sort of mentioned coming to a house for therapy. then he made a new session b/c he kind of messed up a previous session- i almost felt like it was done on purpose... he told me to write him and that he wants me to write him--he acts overly enthuasiastic around me super giddy--sort of when u have a crush or ur into someone and really excited, and sort of even kisses my a** in a way... not sure how to react to it as there's even more i can't write it all


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  • He needs to be turned in. He has breeched ethics big time

    • really... by making comment or putting his arm around me? or touching my feet?

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    • Therapists are not to touch get personal with the questions he's asked. It's to be professional. Report him

    • oh ok, thanks... i didn't know that

  • He is breaching protocol for therapy. Terminate your sessions and report him. He will probably not be censured because you have no definitive proof but it will be in his records. If he comes onto another woman, they will see he has history.


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