Does anyone else have this happen when they don't text their crush?

When my crush and I don't text for a couple of days and then we see each other in person, we are way more flirty and touchy than when we talk every day. It is like we suffer through not talking in anticipation that we know we will see each other at church. It is well worth it.
Does anyone else do this or have this happen between them and their crush or your significant other?


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  • sounds pretty obvious dat u r more flirty & touchy coz u didn't keep contact daily :)

    • I am definitely not the more touchy one. Last week when this happened, she grabbed me by the wrist to lead me to show me what she was talking about, while standing next to her she put her arms around my arms and put her head up against my arm (like she was being comforted), we hugged hello and goodbye. She is the one who initiated all of these things.

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    • I missed her a lot, but I wasn't the one who was initiating the flirty contact. Not that I didn't enjoy all the flirting, it is just interesting that after not talking, she showed such emotion. Most of the time, girls don't like the not talking thing

    • then she likes u more than u think i believe!!

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  • i will try this.. in future..

    • Give it a whirl. While is sucks not talking to her, it is even better how we interact and care about each other in person

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  • I am not sure but maybe you're right it can happen like that, it's a possibility.

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