Why do I still think about my ex gf?

We already broke up last year on the 4th month or so of the relationship. I have moved on since and dated others but it's like from time to time, that woman comes in my mind as a distant memory, the very first girlfriend in my dating life (she knew it at the time and didn't mind).

I know this happens more to girls. But what's up with me that I can't completely forget about that woman. It's like there were a special place for her.


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  • First usually gets to people the longest. It will fade more when you find that person better than her.

    • Wow I really thought this was mainly a girl's thing that they can't forget about the guy that took their v-card. But yet, it's happening to me. Guess I'm one of the few guys, because all of them either moved on and already forget it when dating other girls.