Can't/Don't want to get her off my mind. (notice me senpai)?

After spending 2 months of trying to chase my dream girl everything seems to have worked out.
It easily (once I finally got 'noticed') started from my best friend (trust her, she's an expert) saying: 'I dunno man' to 'Yah, things are looking good, ask her out.'
Me and that girl went from small talk to talking about like life, the universe, her boobs and my belly (lol).
I hope that's not some next-level friend zone shit which could also be the case but I will ask her out.

Now this is not some 'Help me, she rejected me!' thingy; More like, for the next 5 days I won't see her. And everyday I don't get her delicious odor in my nose, the temptation to text grows and FAST.

So being 3 days into the 8 day no C thing, I 'accidentaly' texted 'rawwwr' to her cause I refer to her like a hot tigeress sometimes which she likes. But she just said something in the lines of: okaaay... (with me knowing she was with friends the whole week so the response was kind off expected). But this is of course not what I wanted to hear.

I feel like she's not going to text me at all which I can understand in a house full of spying-eyed girls + she's the shy type so she won't share her emotions with pretty much anyone exept me (which I hope is not some friendzone thing).

So my point is, I can't get her of my mind, even whilst being with friends. I'm crazily in love. And I don't want to supress that feeling until I have an answer (to the going out part). Oh, what to do...

TLDR: Dream girl likes me (friendzone? dunno), won't see her, she's with friends and is shy, must supress temptation to text. Don't want to get her of my mind until I've asked her out yet.


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  • your time will come!


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