So if a guy is super shy about asking his friend to be his girlfriend, what are some ways to ask her without ruining the friendship if she says no?

she's super nice and I've been attracted to her for a while now, and she is single. she's shown what i think are signs that she may like me; she rubbed my hair a couple of times recently when she walked past me on the court (we hang out a lot cuz we're on a tennis team), and she is watching me a lot when i play and inviting me to play with her. I really like her and i want our relationship to be more than friends, but if she actually doesn't feel that way, i dont want to lose her as a friend because things got weird between us if she said no. I can't think of a way to confess my feelings and make it so we can still be friends if it doesn't work out... Please advise


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  • Be direct and honest and talk with her. "I value the friendship and first and foremost I don't want to lose that. My problem is, I find you extremely attractive and really want to give something more a try" "Do you think... and so on. I always prefer the direct approach