So what is he trying to signal here? What would you think personally?

So I became friends with an ex boyfriend earlier this year and he ask could we work on a second chance. We talk a couple of times each month online and through messenger. So one day I didn't come online cause I was very busy. However I come online next day around lunch break. I seen where he has change profile picture about 8 times. In two of the pictures he showed the tattoo of my name and lips also nick name on his neck. One picture was public and other was friends only. He show my first name and middle intial but in second pic it cut off the first letter in my first name but could still see lips, and some of the tattoo. On both pictures he covered the middle part of my last name leaving first two letters and last two letters but expose first, middle intial and lips with some of the flower stem going through them. He has been online since he put up all these pictures either. Also he has a lot of female friends online and they flirt a lot. I haven't liked the pictures or messaged him either cause I don't know what's up with all that. I do still love him and we don't argue at all. We pretty much are respectful and joking when we do talk. I don't wanna put myself out there by getting hurt again due to our past relationship so I pretty much just wait for him to open up on his feelings or talk to me about how things between us are going. Cause when I was with him before I gave my all and did best I can and he messed it up. So that's why I won't allow myself to do that again unless he shows me he's serious about this second chance.


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  • To be painfully honest, you're probably going to be waiting awhile. It sounds like he's trying to get your attention through the pictures. Then again, it could just be he's proud of the tattoo and wants to show it off. Is he seeing other girls? You mention he has a lot of female friends.


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