Is this a good sign or?

I've known this guy for about a year. We work together (in separate towns) so we chat to each other pretty much everyday.
At the start of us talking, we flirted like crazy and spoke dirty to each other ALL the time so I instantly thought that he just wanted sex.

I I went to his town about 3 weeks ago to visit him and friends (I grew up in his town) and we got along so well! We did have sex, only once. Most of the time we acted like a couple I. e. Cuddling, kissing, watching movies together, cooking together. It was such an awesome time!

When it was time to leave he hugged me so tight and kissed me in front of everyone at the airport. I can definitely feel something between us, you know when you can just FEEL something with someone?
He always asks if I'm ok when I'm down and if he can do anything. He is really caring.

Now that I'm back in my town, we still flirt and he calls me babe a lot and leaves "xx" or "x" at the end of his messages but he hasn't spoken dirty to me like at all.

Could he want more than just sex now? If he's stopped talking dirty but still flirty?

I I really like him ^_^

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  • It seems like it's a good sign and it's going in the right direction

  • I have no idea.


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