Does he think we are just friends, is he into me, or is he confused about his feelings? And what should I do?

He's 4 1/2 years older and lives 4 hours away but we have texted/Facetimed every day for the past 2 1/2 years. Lately we have been talking about our feelings but he gets mad when I get too emotional about us. He said he needed space and we are just friends but then texted me "I miss you" and "I would date you if you lived in Nashville" 4 days after I didn't communicate with him for 4 days. I play collegiate tennis and lately he has become obsessed, playing every day. He also always listens to the songs I send him. I'm just not sure how he feels about me though, if he just likes me as a friend or actually has feelings for me.


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  • He sounds like he likes you more than a friend if he's into the things you're into, but he's not sure about jumping into a relationship with someone who lives so close but yet so far away I would suggest keep doing what you're doing if it's meant to happen you and him which it sounds like it will then that's great the only other thing I can say is be a challenge to him which you seem to have already did and he said he missed you but when you do text and face time each other make sure it's the most fun you two ever have so you stick out to him and will miss you when you are away and will want to pursue a relationship with you hope this helps

    • Thank you, it does! I am just exhausted of playing games with him. He knows how I feel, I just don't understand why he can't be fully honest about his own feelings. It's gotten to the point where neither of us can stop talking to each other though. Unfortunately I am in college for 3 more years and he's ready to start a career, two very different stages of life.

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    • I live in Indianapolis, he lives in Nashville. He ran track at my college though, and we met when I was in high school. We have always had kind of a friends with benefits relationship, and I never thought it would work out between us because I'm so much younger.

    • Oh I assumed you went to college in like Knoxville or somewhere located in Tennessee, so he was a senior in high school when you wear just a freshman? Well at least you have history together which means there's a pretty good chance you will end up together all you have to do is keep communicating because it sounds like he doesn't want to come in between you and school so I would say keep contact with him if you're interested and when you finish school in three or four years I don't see why you guys shouldn't be together if you want to of course and the old saying is age is just a number don't worry about it

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