My boyfriend reconnected with his ex, what should I do? please somebody help me?

So my boyfriend broke up with his ex 2 years back. She recently texted him and since couple of days they have been talking. Yesterday he texted me and told me that he has been talking to her and he thought about it and now he will never go back to her. upon listening to this i felt very cheated and betrayed but then he kept saying sorry. i told him why he entertained her attention when i was here talking to him he said he was confused and he felt like a dumbass. i even asked him if he went to see her or if anything happened. he said no. He kept saying sorry he kept saying he loves me and wants me forever. I did not listen and i told him its over. i felt very insecure and i thought he will go back to her again. Then i messaged him again today he said its over and he doesn't want me anymore. i asked him if he went back to his ex he said no. he said he doesn't want any of us. Why is he acting like this? i know i acted without thinking when he was being honest instead of appreciating him i accused him i feel bad. What can i do to fix this? i have messaged him i feel like crying because i tried to call him he said have some self respect i dont want to talk to you anymore and he turned off his phone. what do i do? please somebody help me? I really care and love him. i dont want him to go back to his ex because she only uses him and almost ruined his life.


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  • Tell him you felt really betrayed when he was talking to her and you broke up because of how hurt you where. Tell him you broke up because it was just a self-defence reaction to prevent getting hurt further. Tell him now you miss him more than ever and realize how much he means to you and no matter what happens you will always want him. Tell him you are sorry for what happen and you want to get back together and just forget about everything and move on!

    • I did he is not willing to understand. He keeps saying move on we are done

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    • Sorry, but sometimes it has to be done. I wish you all the best!

    • thank you so much:)

      i just wish he texts or calls me once atleast:/

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  • talk to him about it