What was the worst date you have been on?

With whom & What age it happen.


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  • Hmm.. probably prom my junior year. The girl went with me just so she could go to the dance. We didn't even dance. Dinner went ok, but I felt like a third wheel at my own prom. I've never felt so awkward before or since.

    • Look at the bright side at least you went to prom. I'm so ugly
      women refuse to look or talk to me

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  • Never been on any.

    • Now why doesn't that surprise me lol.. You're forever being on here! :) .. Don't you ever get outside and see some daylight! :)

    • @SolitaireBond daylight? pssshhh, no, I'm a creature of the night xD
      Went outside once, nobody liked me, came back inside. 😜

    • @MissNowhere.. I can now see why your username is so appropriate!! lol :)

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