How to convince her to go on just one date?

Long story short. I'm 99% sure this girl likes me. A friend told me she likes me too but he asked her out for me and she said no. I'm pretty sure the issue is that her close friend really wants to go out with me. I am just going to ask her in person to go out this weekend. Any tips?

if you want background, she hides her face from me but if I say hi she gives me this sexy smile and won't look away. I realy don't want this one to get away but don't want to seem desperate to her. Help me out please.


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  • Best thing is to just ask her, but be prepared to get rejected. Doesn't mean you have to give up, though. She'll work it out with her friend, and it's best to let them do just that. But showing absolute interest in her will go a long way. Good luck!