Girls, is this a good reason to want to get in a relationship?

Most women just ignore me because their not interested in me (even as friend). Whenever I make female friends (rarely) I lose them because I become romantically interested in them, and they don't feel the same. Thus, the friendsip dies. I don't have in women in my life, but if I had a girlfriendfriend, then there would be one woman that would like me and I could like back without getting heartbroken or it being one-sided. This is a good reason to want a girlfriend?

Why or why not?


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  • Sounds like a good reason to me.


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  • so your question is, if you have a girlfriend, you will have female friends? Might be, but thats not a good reason to have a girlfriend.
    You should want that girlfriend because you love that girl. Then the rest won't interest you anymore. Usually then, if you meet other girls, you don't see them as potentials, so yes no feelings evolve. But if you are the insecure type, perhaps you start developing feelings for the next and dont know what you want...

    • Almost. What I'm trying to say is I'll have a woman in my life.