Girls, Is this something you do often and why?

Some of the random girls who approach me and initiate a conversation with me and then they start to mention about how other they find other guys attractive and how some guys are always hiting on them.
Sometimes the girls randomly compare me with the other guys for no reason.

For example this random woman who was talking to me, mentioned her son and was comparing that I was smaller in size as compared to her son and he was broader in size. I was thinking why the hell does she have to talk about those stuff. I t seemed like she had to boast about her son and get me hurt , when I didn't do anything.

Other random girls look at me and then touch other guys in front of me or even kiss them sometimes.

The thing is I am a Quiet and shy person. But if girls hate me for no reason, why are they giving me attention and making me jealous or pissed off.

  • You hate him because he is a random guy who is quiet/shy.
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  • You are actually attracted to him , but want to make him jealous and hurt.
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  • You don't realise that it would hurt him.
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  • You are attracted to him, but don't want to act on it, so you are rude to him.
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  • "... they start to mention about how they find other guys attractive and how some guys are always hitting on them."

    They probably like you and are being indirect about it, wanting you to make a move on them instead, because they're oh so desirable and could be snatched up by another guy if you don't step up your game fast.

    • Thanks :) But it hurts a lot... It makes me feel worthless when they mention it... I did no harm to them.

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    • Does this have anything to do with your situation? X)

    • haha :p (X) was my question.