What group of men has society and the media attempted to discourage women from dating/marrying when it comes to interracial dating and why?

From # 1 to 6, list the groups from most to least.

  • Indian guys
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  • Asian guys
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  • Hispanic guys
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  • Arabic guys
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  • white guys
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  • Black guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Asian Guys - They are rarely if ever portrayed in a good light when it comes to dating or as a sexual being. They are always portrayed as meek, feeble, cowardly and extremely socially inept to where many women will pass on them because of the stereotype of them not being man enough. Also the whole small penis stereotyped does them no justice.

    2. Black Guys - They are portrayed as violent aggressive thugs who are destined for the prison system. However this portrayal of them have actually benefitted their sexual appeal, because black guys are stereotyped as the typical "bad boys" and we all know how women love a dominate bad boy. Also the stereotype of them being very well endowed has also added to their sexual appeal. However in trade of this, they are seen as bad husbands, bad fathers and financially unreliable.

    Indians, Hispanic and Arabic guys are barely represented in the media so there's no judging of their placement.

    6. White guys- White men are characterized as the middle ground between the two polar extremes of the Asian and black guy. While the Asian guy is seen as too nice and the black guy is too aggressive the white guys has more of a laidback character. They are generally characterize as being calm, caring, a family man but is not afraid to dip into that bad boy side when push comes to shove.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't feel discouraged to date men of any color or ethnicity. The nos for me are things like temper, respect, incompatible lifestyles, etc...

  • Probably black men, they're often portrayed as violent partners, deadbeat dads etc...


What Guys Said 2

  • All the above actually with the exception of white. But black mostly. Why? Fear, in one form or another.

    But if you flip the coin, it's black women who've been treated and misrepresented the worst. Far worse than black men. It hasn't actually worked that well against black men because it's clear that many non-black will date and marry black men despite the media (and other sources) attempts at discouragement. In fact, some of that may have backfired. But for black women throb system had worked, on most everyone including black men and women.

    Fear is the great chameleon. It always presents itself as something it's not.

  • Blacks mostly since they are portrayed as deadbeats and abusive husbands.

    • This is probably done by White men who are too scarred of a Black guy getting his girl.

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