Ex had sex with other after we broke up, now we're together again, should I care?

at first he didn't tell me, last night he told me, it was months ago.. what should I do?


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  • if it bothers you you shouldve done everything in your power to not break up with him. it happened while he was single, his life, not your business

    • thing is, he doesn't feel guilty at all, like "why do you care" altitude...

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    • we were on the edge, and he is traveling outside at that time

    • you said "after we broke up" in your question.
      anyway, for guys sex isn't necessarily something emotional

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  • No point in worrying about the past, where you had nothing to do with it. Forget about it and move on.

    • "move on" you mean not see him anymore?

    • No, move on from what he did. Do not let it bother you. Needless to worry about what you can not change or do anything about.